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starlHider In The House
Hider In The House is the story of a rather sad figure, a survivor of horrific abuse who only wants a family of his own. Mimi Rogers plays Julie Dreyer, the owner of the house in which he has made a home, who the man has become fixated on as his wife. Unfortunately, Julie already has a husband



Mimi Rogers as Molly Dolenzal in White Sands


Someone To Watch Over Me

Someone To Watch Over Me is a drama about a streetwise cop torn between his family and the woman he has promised to protect. Mimi Rogers plays Claire, the wealthy but unhappy witness to a murder, under the protection of the gruff, kindly, but ultimately weak cop from Queens (played by Tom Berenger). She is a sad figure, drawn to a man committed elsewhere.


The Mirror Has Two Faces
The Mirror Has Two Faces is a modern-day parable about love, relationships, self-esteem, body image, and families. Mimi Rogers plays Claire, the younger and more glamourous sister to dowdy Rose (Barbra Streisand). Capricious, funny, and forceful, Claire is ultimately a sad figure, but she provides some fun moments along the way. Mimi stars with Barbra Streisand, Lauren Bacall, Jeff Bridges and Pierce Brosnan.


Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps is the story of a teenaged girl named Ginger who is bitten by a warewolf and struggles, with the help of her sister, to hide her transformation from those around her. Mimi Rogers plays the girls' mother, Pamela, and serves largely as comic relief. Clueless about fashion sense and more clueless about most other things, Pamela's main worries in life are her daughters' belated menstruation, her garden and home, and her bickering husband. However, she proves a sensitive and tragic figure when she becomes aware of her daughters' ordeal.


Austine Powers
Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery is a spy spoof about a 1960s spy, Powers, who elects to be cryogenically frozen until his nemesis, Dr Evil, returns from his intergalactic hideout. He is thawed in the 1990s, sparking multiple films. Mimi Rogers plays his glamourous 1960s partner, Mrs Kensington, clearly based on Mrs Peel. She appears again briefly in the 1990s sequences as the mother of his new sidekick, Vanessa. She stars with Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley.

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Cruel Intentions 2
Cruel Intentions 2 is the story of a blended family and its campaign of manipulation on one another. Despite its title, it is in fact a prequel to the better-known movie Cruel Intentions. The focus is the antagonistic yet flirtatious maneouverings of step-siblings and lovers Sebastian and Kathryn, but the seeds of their behaviour can be seen in his father and her mother, Tiffany, played by Mimi Rogers. Tiffany is manipulative and often unkind to her daughter, but serves as a perverse kind of mentor to her as well. She is very wealthy and very attached to her creature comforts.

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Seven Girlfriends
Seven Girlfriends is the story of a man who tracks down all his old girlfriends to work out what he's doing wrong in his relationships. Mimi Rogers plays Marie, one of the girlfriends. See the official site at www.sevengirlfriends.com.


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